The who and what.

Naughty Dog Enterprises, LLC. is a Wichita, Kansas based full service music recording production and publishing company. This is us in a nutshell.

Naughty Dog Music

Naughty Dog Music is the publishing entity of Naughty Dog Enterprises. Naughty Dog Music focuses on managing the PA (performing arts, or “c in a circle”) copyright of a song. This copyright is the embodiment of the music and lyrics of the song, or what is sometimes referred to as the underlying composition of a piece of music. There can only be one of these for a piece of music. In a music world that’s full of sampling, covers, sheet music, lyric websites, and digital and analog broadcast, it is more important than ever to protect your copyright. As a publisher, we want that copyright to be used and broadcasted as much as possible.

Naughty Dog Music actively seeks advantageous opportunities to license the use of this copyright to radio, television, film, recording artist, or any other business that is in need of music. Anytime this copyright is used, it is the right of the copyright owner to collect a royalty. As a publisher, Naughty Dog Music will take ownership of these copyrights, and administer and protect them on behalf of the songwriter. It is the responsibility of the publisher to make sure the song is registered with the U.S. copyright office and one of the performance rights organizations to ensure when the song is used, it is reported, and income is generated and dealt to the appropriate parties.





Naughty Dog Studios

Naughty Dog Studio is a fully functioning recording studio. Naughty Dog Studio is a studio for hire to record new music for singles, EP’s, or LP’s, mixing unmixed material, or mastering already mixed material. The studio uses a UAD Apollo Quad as the main interface, which enables the use of renowned UAD software plugins modeled after classic, analog gear that’s been tried and tested through the years of recording. The studio has a wide selection of guitars, bass guitars, amps, cabs, drums, drum sounds, keyboard and keyboard sounds, and microphones to use in recording sessions.

Naughty Dog Records

Naughty Dog Records is the record label entity of Naughty Dog Enterprises. Naughty Dog Records manages the SR (sound recording, or “p in a circle”) copyright of a song. Unlike the PA, there can be multiple SR copyrights for a single PA copyright. Anybody who’s ever recorded a cover song is a prime example of creating an SR from an already existing PA. For any good song to have success, it is important to have a great recording. Naughty Dog Records is the force of our business that facilitates this for songwriters. Naughty Dog Records typically works with recording artists and musicians to record, release, and distribute songs (generally an EP or LP for a performing group). Just like the PA, the SR must be registered with the U.S. copyright office and a royalty collection organization.

Our Team


Wayne Spriggs

Wayne is the founder and CEO of Naughty Dog Enterprises. Inspired partially by Helen Gammons’ book “The Art of Music Publishing” and his friend Micajah Ryan (recording engineer with an impressive recording pedigree), he formed the company to pursue a vision of capturing local songwriting and performing talent and pushing that talent to recognition nationally and worldwide, maybe even the rest of the universe!  Yes, he thinks big! Wayne is a bass and keyboard player, songwriter, facilitator and part time gearhead.  He has a great appreciation for musical talent, and an ear for good songs. For years he has made a living as an experimental jet test pilot and mechanical engineer, so this is a completely divergent path.


Scott Spriggs

Scott Spriggs is the son of Wayne Spriggs, the CEO of Naughty Dog Enterprises. Scott is the head audio engineer at Naughty Dog Studio. Through the past few years, Scott has been instrumental in some of Wichita’s best local records from the likes of Vehicles, Jenny Wood, Kill Vargas, and Tideway.

Scott’s life has always been about music, as a writer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist. Wanting to make music not only his life, but also his livelihood, Scott wanted to get a knack for the business aspect of the music industry.  For the last few years, Scott has been educating himself by reading, watching instructional videos, and taking classes from the Berklee School of Music Business.


Adam Hays

Adam, a native of Wichita, Kansas started out with a love for music and sound at a young age. Originally starting his musical journey as a guitar player, he developed a diverse interest in music and by the age of 15 was actively running live sound at multiple local music venues. This is where his love for sound started blossoming. He shortly after joined local metal act, “Stilmad” and got his first taste of playing live music on a local and national level. As his taste in music developed, Adam accepted a position as a bassist for Midwest Post Hardcore band, “Let Fly The Falcon” and continued to travel and play music. During his time in these bands, he gained a passion for Audio Engineering while working on albums in the studio with Josh Browning (Black Lodge Studio, The School of Audio Engineering in Holland) and Carter Green (HBO, CBS, GreenJean Studios). These days Adam continues to actively work on albums at AirHouse Studio assisting with Engineering and Mastering projects, studying synthesis and sound design, and spending time with his family.