New Single Release From Jenny Wood!

October 4, 2015

Jenny Wood and Super Car Guys have teamed up in an anti bullying campaign and Public Service Announcement.  Click here to visit and sign the pledge. You’ll get a free wristband!

As of Monday Oct 5, 2015 you can also watch the music video to the new single release from her upcoming Album Don’t Let Them Get In Your Head.  Download the song from CD baby here or visit iTunes to get your copy!

10448609_10205645113742163_6337004216017918994_o (1)Be sure to visit Jenny on her own site!!

New Songs!

August 4, 2014

Check out the new songs on the Music page:

In All Honesty by JJ McGuigan and Garrett Crow and Let It Burn by Scott Spriggs

New Podcast Episode – Ryan Eichelberger

July 25, 2014


Hey folks!! New podcast episode up on Waveform Radio. We had the pleasure of interviewing Ryan Eichelberger in his living room a couple of weeks ago.  His story is inspirational and needs to be shared. By the way, he’s playing live tonight (July 25, 2014) at Mead’s Corner in Wichita. There are a couple of other artists, Aaron Lee Martin and Matt Eichelberger playing as well that you should definitely check out!  See you there??

Breaking News!

July 21, 2014

Micajah Ryan and Scott Spriggs  at the console in the studio with Kill Vargas

Micajah Ryan and Scott Spriggs at the console in the studio with Kill Vargas

The Wichita Eagle showed up mid-session on Saturday while we were recording Kill Vargas’ new album. The article and pictures appeared in the paper on Sunday. Great story about Airhouse where we do a lot of recording and how and why David Lord got it started! Read the article here.

Update July 18, 2014

July 18, 2014

Time goes quickly and there’s always lots going on!
We are about to post some new songs within the next week or so and are excited about that.

Kill Vargas album recording sessions resume Saturday and Sunday, July 19th and 20th at Airhouse. These guys are playing a ton of shows this summer including ICT FEST and Tent City Music Festival. We are really excited about their new songs and look forward to finishing the record. Yeah, it’s going to be a couple of months, but it’s going to be KILLER!

We’re in contact with a bunch of very cool people for podcasting and hope to be posting episodes for some local folks like Ryan Eichelberger, Cody Cloud, Jenny Wood and others pretty soon. Also have a few very famous producers lined up, as well as Michael Mollenhauer of Mollenhauer guitars, Vinni Smith of v-picks fame, and others. Exciting….we love this podcasting stuff. In fact, there’s a new one on the podcast page, JJ Golden of Golden Mastering in Ventura, Ca. So you want to be a mastering engineer?

Vehicles is planning their tour and as dates and locations firm up, we’ll post them on their artist page.

Commonfolk is in the middle of recording their full length album. We’ve heard some of the raw recordings and this is some good stuff!

Synch licenses, clearances and so forth are trickling in, we’re getting ready to sign 14 new ones. We’ll tell you what shows and networks later after all the legalities are in place.

In the meantime, we’d like to thank Kelly Laird for working with us on a volunteer basis for the last month. She’s an organizational management expert and helped us get a few things organized and prioritized.

Update 15 June, 2014

June 17, 2014

Greetings fellow musicians, artists, interested parties, gear heads and space travelers!

The obvious news to share is that we’ve finally gone live with the website…yes…you’re looking at it!! Kudos and thanks to Rich Bachman and Andrew Stevens for making it happen!

If you’ve been following our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages you know that we have been busy. If you haven’t, just click the links at the bottom of the page, like us and follow us for all the latest gouge. Wave Form Radio has it’s own Facebook and Twitter @waveformradio.

The biggest time consumers this last month have been putting the Wave Form Radio podcasts together, editing some of the recordings from bands we’re working with, researching license opportunities and sending songs out for licensing, and recording some of our own songs.

Commonfolk is busy raising money for their next record – check out their artist page here! Commonfolk

Kill Vargas is making demos like crazy, and we’re trying to pre-produce and pick out the next few songs to make the upcoming album. Kill Vargas

Vehicles, after their release of “This Bluebird Wants Me Dead”, is putting together a multi-state tour which, when finalized, will be available on their artist page here. Vehicles

Garrett is working on some songs of his own, as is Scott. Adam has been the Wave Form Radio podcast guru. Micajah is working hard as a recording engineer and teacher, currently hosting a local songwriting class.

We can’t believe how the connections we’ve established are paying off. I think you all are going to really be blown away by Wave Form Radio! We have SO many outstanding people lined up!

As I’m writing this, we are generating publishing contracts for an additional 20 plus songs. We are also reviewing the music from several artists and looking for publishing opportunities for them.

As part of our mission, we are going to take the time to communicate here what publishing is and isn’t, what it can do for you as an artist, and how NOT publishing completely limits what you can do with your songs.

So stay tuned, subscribe to our podcasts (Wave Form Radio) and this web page ( and get ready for some killer interviews, songs and indispensable information!


Commonfolk’s New Record

May 22, 2014

Commonfolk is pleased to announce the beginning stages of production for a new record! And they need YOUR help in getting it started. They’ve started an Indigogo campaign with a number of amazing products of reciprocity for your donation. Check out the campaign, along with their introduction video (which includes a live performance of one of the new songs, The Wisdom of Trees and Their Longevity). Click to see Commonfolk’s Indigogo campaign.