Waveform Radio Episode 15: Slade Templeton

June 21, 2015

Slade, at only 28 years old, has gone from Hutchinson, KS, to Seattle, to London, and now resides in Bern, Switzerland. Every step has been to further his career in music. He’s toured, owned record labels, worked in studios, been a mixing engineer, producer, and mastering engineer. Listen in to get a glimpse into his adventures. This is a fascinating story you’ll want to hear.

Waveform Radio Episode 14: Cody Cloud

March 17, 2015

This episode presents rare opportunity to hear Cody Cloud of Vehicles perform acoustically. He even performs an unreleased song. Catch their latest album, This Bluebird Wants Me Dead, on iTunes.

Waveform Radio Episode 13: Kill Vargas

February 18, 2015

Kill Vargas hits the Waveform Radio studio to discuss their interesting beginnings (writing songs on guitar hero at 7 years old?…they’re nuts) and their future plans (new record coming March 14, 2015). Not only do we learn a lot about this young band, but at the end of the podcast there’s an exclusive listen at the first single of the new record, “Figured It Out”, which isn’t scheduled to release commercially until February 28, 2015. So give it a listen!

Waveform Radio Episode 12: Abby North

October 11, 2014

Unchained Melody is an easily recognized song throughout all the world. Abby North is a big part of how that copyright stays successful, she helps explain how songwriters can forever benefit from just one good song. Abby North is an expert in music publishing. She has many different endeavors in that arena, but the most notable is her company, Unchained Melody Publishing. Abby discusses publshing and her other business ventures. This is a great podcast for anyone interested in a real world example of the work that goes into managing just one successful copyright.

Waveform Radio Episode 11: Averse to the End

September 10, 2014

Averse to the End is a rock band out of Denver, Colorado. Singer Brandon Danforth, and guitar player Travis Owen talk through their history, and they perform some live acoustic songs. For anyone who is a fan of the band, they will be happy to know that this is the first performance of “I Tried” ever attempted by the band. Check them out at facebook.com/aversetotheend and soundcloud.com/aversetotheend.

Waveform Radio Episode 10: Steve James

September 3, 2014

Steve James is an audio engineer, mixer, and producer, who’s credits include Monty Python, Thin Lizzy, The Sex Pistols, The Screaming Jets, Airbourne, and The Rumjacks. Sit down with us as he imparts his knowledge of recording and producing.

Waveform Radio Episode 9: Evancho Brothers

August 23, 2014

Nick and Mike Evancho from Darlin Maudie join us in the studio. Having two brothers together creates that family dynamic that is synergistic and entertaining. They go through their history as musicians and perform some songs for us.

Waveform Radio Episode 8: Jenny Wood

August 13, 2014

Jenny Wood is a Wichita native alternative singer/songwriter. Growing up singing gospel and blues, Jenny studied music theater and vocal performance at WSU. After being influenced by heavy rock bands such as Nine Inch Nails and Tool, Jenny decided to pursue alternative heavy rock and began to front rock bands in the L.A. area. She then moved to Nashville where she picked up songwriting and guitar. She has toured the country with her one woman show over the last several years and now resides back in Wichita. She currently performs and tours with Jenny Wood Band, her first and most beloved rock endeavor Pathos, her soul/blues band The Watchers and L.A. based GOODING, with whom she is honored to have recently become a permanent member. She just finished her newest recording that will be available online and is preparing for a fall tour with GOODING.

In this podcast, we get a glimpse of the difference in the LA and Nashville music scenes, hear her experiences with Gooding and Joan Jett, and listen to her perform her original music. She was kind enough to make time for Waveform Radio, sit down with us, and play some acoustic versions of her music.


Waveform Radio Episode 7: Living Room Session-Ryan Eichelberger

July 24, 2014

Ryan Eichelberger is a local musician in Wichita, Kansas. He is a husband and father, and an all around good guy. In addition to all these roles, Ryan is also an inspirational individual. After being diagnosed with a rare disease called Gorham’s Disease, Ryan has gone through struggles and come out with an incredibly positive outlook on life. His strength and resolve to maintain this type of attitude serves as an inspiration to those around him. His current music venture revolves around a simple ukulele and vocal combination. We had the great opportunity to sit down in his living room and talk to him about his trials, his progression through music, and listen to him play a couple of his songs. You can dowload his songs for free at www.mystoriesmysongs.com.

Episode 6: JJ Golden

July 18, 2014

Mastering is one of those things that you know happens in music, but not many people are sure what it actually is. JJ Golden of Golden Mastering from Ventura, California sits chats with Scott, Adam, and Micajah. What is mastering? Why do things need to be mastered? What does it mean to be ‘mastered for iTunes’? What’s the deal with this ‘loudness war’? What kind of gear is used in mastering? All these questions are answered by this renowned mastering engineer.  There will be a follow-up podcast shortly, in which we A/B some un-mastered and mastered audio that came out of JJ Golden’s studio.