Mixing and Mastering Services

If you want people to know you take your music seriously, and want to look professional for record labels and A&Rs, you need professional mixing & mastering services from Naughty Dog Studios. In a time when putting your music out into the world is as easy as hitting “upload” on YouTube or SoundCloud, you need to find a way to get noticed. You need to do things right.


People don’t want to pay money for music that sounds like it was recorded in your friend’s basement – they want something polished and professional. Our mixing and mastering services can help you be competitive in the increasingly crowded world of music, and get the exposure you need to keep doing what you love, and get paid while doing it.

Mixing and Mastering


Mixing is the process of taking your individually recorded tracks and adjusting and combining them into a stereo audio file. By skillfully using various processors and effects, we shape the individual elements of your song so they fit together like pieces of an audio puzzle. The result is a clear song ready for mastering.


1 Song:

$150/ song if tracked at Naughty Dog Studio

$200/song if tracked elsewhere

This additional fee is to compensate for time spent in file transfer, audio importing and aligning, session set-up, and any basic editing needed to prepare the session.


2-5 Songs:

$125/ song if tracked at Naughty Dog Studio

$175/song if tracked elsewhere


6-12 Songs:

$100/ song if tracked at Naughty Dog Studio

$150/song if tracked elsewhere


Mastering is where we take your song and polish it to perfection. We’ll make slight adjustments to the EQ, compression, limiting, and stereo enhancement to create a professional, cohesive, industry-standard album that will make sure you stand out from the crowd.

1-5 Songs:

$50/ song

6-12 Songs:

$40/ song

DDP Creation:

$50/ project

DDP files are the preferred method to receive files by most CD duplication houses. This single file has all the music, metadata (band name, song name, album title, composers, etc…), sequence, fades, and gaps built in, ensuring an accurate transfer and duplication of your EP or LP.

Guidelines for receiving audio files:

  • All audio files need to be sent as either .WAV or .AIFF files.
  • Make sure all files are organized in folders for each song
  • All files need to be labeled correctly and clearly (ie, Kick, Top Snare, Bass DI, Bass Amp, etc…)
  • All files need to begin at time marker 0:00. If you have regions or clips that don’t begin until somewhere after 0:00, insert silence so the region or clip starts at 0:00
  • Make sure all stereo files are exported as interleaved (this will export it as one stereo track with the left and right information left intact) or split (this will export the left and right sides as separate tracks). DO NOT SUM STEREO TO MONO.
  • Clearly indicate the TEMPO (beats per minute) and METER (time signature 4/4, 6/8, etc…) of the song
  • Indicate sample rate (44.1 kHz is preferred, but can work with 48 kHz or higher if necessary) and bit depth (32 bit float or 24 bit is generally preferred)
  • Submit via external hard drive, dropbox, box.com, hightail, wetransfer, etc… folder
  • This is optional but definitely preferred, please, if possible, send a DI track for electric guitar and bass guitar tracks.

For scheduling/questions, email scott@naughtydogmusic.com, or call the studio at (316) 247-9995